Growing up as an intuitive child makes Christine a perfect mentor for your child.  She is a beautiful role-model available to assist your child understand their intuitive gifts while sharing their frustrations and receiving direction about their place in the world.

She has a special vision in her heart for children, and is currently studying Child Psychology. She is in very good standing as a student and enjoys participating in the lively discussions voicing her unique perspective with other students and teachers.

Christine has learned to be nice to everyone she meets, as she remembers what it was like to be treated differently. She helps children create strong and healthy boundaries to help them cope with society.

Past clients rave about Christine’s sessions, and remark that they felt loved, happy, and had a place to be themselves while becoming better communicators and had increased understanding of who they actually were.

Christine was gifted at birth and began using her abilities at the age of two. She knew that she was destined to do great things, in fact, she would often imagine that she was being interviewed by Oprah and her dolls and toys were the audience.

Christine now works as a Psychic Medium and Intuitive Life Advisor in Arizona.

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