Welcome to Psychic Readings, with Christine Nicole!

I connect with your angels and guides to help you gain clarity or direction about a specific concern.

I can see your past, present and future so I can understand and have compassion about where you are today.

Psychic Readings with Christine Nicole can help you evaluate how best to interact with people, ideas and situations in your life to achieve the best results.

More often than not, the information that comes through will be what you already know, but may not have been willing to accept! Having confirmation will help you trust your own intuition and give you the courage to move forward into the life you are designed to create for yourself!

I will help you step into “Your Greatness” and move forward into the life of your dreams.

I am non-judgmental, very understanding, and you should be able to trust and be open with me. You will be surprised at what I see, hear and feel and because it will be so personal, it can be life altering.

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