March 29, 2017

Are You Looking Up To The Wrong Hero?

We are often asked starting at a young age, who is our hero. A typical response may be a family member or even someone famous.

When we idolize someone outside of ourselves, we are striving to be someone we are not. This pulls us away from being who we are meant to be.

Realize that the truth of who YOU are, is incredible, even if you think you’re boring or average. In reality, you are unique and awesome.

Today, I want to challenge you to BE YOUR OWN HERO.

Don’t beat yourself up or feel shame and/or guilt because you are NOT like the person you admire or idolize. Embrace ALL the wonderful amazing things that make up who you are as an individual.

Declare your amazingness and lift yourself up. Focus on all the things you have accomplished big and small. Embrace the magnitude of your magnificence.

Celebrate the things you have accomplished. Honor your accomplishments with a friend by meeting for coffee, going out for dinner or do something special for yourself.


Here is a short exercise to try:

Take a few minutes of quiet time. Breathe in and out and release any unsettled energy. Imagine your SOUL. Now imagine who your SOUL came here to be. In a journal write down all the incredible things your soul came here to be. How are you already in alignment with your soul? Are there things you can do to help lift yourself up and align with your soul?

Love and Light,

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