Christine Nicole was blessed with the gift of being a Psychic Medium and began giving readings and connecting with spirit at the age of two. Her earliest memories are of hearing, seeing, and feeling the presence of those in the Spirit and Angelic realm. She may also experience a sense of their personality, names, scents, memories and other specific details that she will share with you.

She has helped many with the grieving process by connecting with loved ones who have passed. She is known for her ability to deliver messages that bring healing, closure, and a deep inner peace.

She has a uniquely direct and clear style. Her straightforward and honest presentation of information is a breath of fresh air that helps you understand the details that come forth with clarity and ease.

She does not use Tarot cards or any other tools in her sessions. She is a clear channel to spirit.

Christine Nicole also helps clients gain a broader insight into their soul’s purpose and life path including relationships, love, family, career or business.

Christine Nicole offers Psychic Readings, Mediumship, Business Coaching, Life Advising, Matchmaking and Intuitive Kids Mentoring.

She is a Certified Mind, Body, Spirit Practitioner and Certified Enneagram Personality Coach.

Christine Nicole is also proud to say she is listed on the Best Psychic Directory 

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