April 18, 2017

Find Balance + Increase Your Personal Power and Happiness

This month is all about finding balance, I encourage you to use these tips in your everyday life to create more balance:

1.Try staying grounded. Clear your energy field by taking a sea salt bath, or just inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth and release anything that is not serving your highest good. Try walking barefoot in the grass and pull the energy from Mother Earth or, use my favorite technique which is to reflect on ten things that you are grateful for, or keep a gratitude journal.

2. Find a job that makes you happy.  If you aren’t happy at work, now is the time to move forward by creating the job you will truly love.  You may have to go back to school or interview for a new career. Being happy in your career choice will make your life more pleasant each day because most of us spend eight hours or more in work mode.

3. Find some fun in your life. As a society, we do not include enough play in our daily lives, we are generally more work oriented and materialistic. You may have to find a hobby or allow one day each week to do something you truly love and that brings you happiness! Go horseback riding, join a hiking group, take a class,  go to the movies, or just stay home in your pj’s and catch up on your favorite shows. It may take a while to determine what your heart really desires.

4. Work at eliminating the toxic people in your life.  Make an effort to only allow positive people into your world. This doesn’t mean that your friends or family are bad, it just means that the two of you together are toxic for each other right now. This doesn’t mean that you will never talk again, it just means that for now, you need space.

5. Put yourself first at all times. I know this is difficult and may sound selfish for a lot of people.   When you are working to find balance, learn how to say “no” when you want to, and learn how to say “yes” to fun and positive situations.  Remember that when you’re on the airplane,  they say “put your mask on first before helping others”!

Love and Light,
Christine Nicole

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