Christine Nicole is an expert Intuitive Business Coach who can help take your business to new heights.

image3_christineHere is what is covered in a Business Coaching Session with Christine Nicole:

• Who are you as a business?
• What is your mission?
• Who is your clientele?
• What is your look and style?
• Business Cards 101
• Website advice
• How to market yourself
• How to talk the talk and walk the walk.
• Prices and package ideas


What you will Learn:

•  How to expand your business and do it quickly
•  How to gain confidence in your chosen field
•  How to make more money doing what you love
•  How to attract radio and television interviews
•  How to effectively market your business
•  How and when to quit your full time job & do your soul’s work
•  How to become a successful paid speaker
•  How to create new products and services that excite your clients
•  How to really get your name out there

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